I don't want my traffic to be proxied though Tor, but I want to anonymize DNS requests. How do I use Tor as a DNS server?

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Use DNSPort 53 setting in torrc and configure nameserver to


Just to add some more information to this (and to provide a source for others), an in-depth set of instructions and alternative solutions can be found in the below wiki entry.



Actually the answer of @RichardHorrocks is quite helpful, but IMHO leaves out some of the relevant parts:

  • If you want to resolve a single hostname via Tor, use tor-resolve $hostname and for reverse (PTR) lookups use tor-resolve -x $ip. (For me, that part was relevant but nowhere else in this Q&A mentioned, hence the new reply.)

    Only drawback so far: You can't specify the query type (e.g. A, NS, MX, etc.) and also IPv6-only hosts (those with only AAAA records) can't (yet) be resolved at all and cause such a message: [warn] Got SOCKS5 status response '4': host is unreachable

  • For using Tor to generally resolve all DNS requests of the local system, the anonymous answer already shows the basics and the link in the answer of @RichardHorrocks the details.

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