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iOS (previously iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc.

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Orbot on iPhone: can't connect, possible to use WiFi?

Orbot (1.6.0 Build 33 iOS) connected once after installation a few days ago, and hasn't been able to since. Multiple connection retries fail. When attempting to connect, WiFi is dropped and ...
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Why does Orbot on iPadOS keep failing to connect to Tor?

In order to connect to Tor on my iPad, I use the Orbot app. However, recently the app started constantly failing to connect with the following error messages (the IP addresses of the Tor bridges are ...
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MDM Spyware "Microsoft Company Portal" was installed on my business phone. Can I still use "Onion Browser" without them seeing what URI I am visiting?

Can I run Tor Browser on an iOS device? We recommend an iOS app called Onion Browser, which is open source, uses Tor routing, and is developed by someone who works closely with the Tor Project. ...
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Can TOR be downloaded on IOS 10.3? [duplicate]

Have a IPAD and trying to download TOR, comes up in my Dropbox. Not allowing me to "view the file". Is there some other way to do this on ipad and iphone??*
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TOR browsers for iPad [duplicate]

I'd like to download a TOR browser for my IPad. I don't see an option on the project website and I see several in the App Store. I want to download a reputable one where I don't download a security ...
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Unable to connect in China

I'm from the UK, but I work as an English teacher in China. Usually I get around the Chinese firewall by using a VPN, but lately the government has been stepping up their efforts to block these, so I ...
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I need help downloading Tor browser

I have been able to download Tor's main site but I can't get the Tor browser. I'm trying to do this with an iPod touch. Can anyone help me please
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Can bookmarks be imported on IOS ver? [closed]

I know you can import bookmarks on the PC version, but is there a way to do it on IOS's new App 'Red Browser'? I'm guessing it's probably not a good idea to have bookmarks from other unsecured ...
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Why should one set the proxy server to and port 9050

I've visited the website of Anonymous, it has suggested to use Tor browser and set the proxy server to and set the port to 9050, I want to ask what is the purpose of this suggestion and what ...
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Is Covert Browser an official Tor Project application for the iPhone?

I just bought Covert Browser for my iPhone, is this an official application from the Tor Project?
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How can I use Tor browser on my iphone without jail breaking it?

How can I use Tor browser on my iphone that is not jail broken?
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Remove Ad banner

in Tor browser how do I remove the ad banner that prevents me from accessing the bottom of the browser screen because I can not enter or select certain items placed at the bottom of page. Is there a ...
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Is there a Tor browser on the iPad with iOS 7?

I have spend many hours trying to find a browser to browse the internet with Tor on an iPad with iOS 7. I only found one which is "covert browser". But it seems it is not supported by the Tor project. ...
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OnionBrowser for iOS -- how secure is it?

Currently it seems there are no "officially sanctioned" solutions for iOS. However, there is a browser called OnionBrowser that passes and is able to access hidden ...
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