I want to ask you how I can allow socks request for anonymous connections. I'm using it with metasploit and socat but its always reject connection. So every time I want to exploit an OS with metasploit and socat, it doesnt work.

You can see it in the picture:


I'm applying what this link says http://securityblog.gr/1246/anonymity-first-tor-metasploit/ but I always run into the problem with Tor that it rejects the connection.

  • You could try to setup a Hidden Service on your machine and use it's hostname as rhost..
    – user3524
    Commented Dec 11, 2015 at 18:46

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You can not connect through Tor to a computer inside your own network.
You can only connect to hidden services or to hosts that can be reached from exit nodes.

This is not because it it not allowed, but because your Tor client just can't build a circuit that ends inside your own network. It rejects the request because it knows that it can't, so it won't even try.

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