Sometimes I can access without a captcha from Tails a page, but not it's dependencies. For example, I can open a StackExchange question, but trying to go to https://cdn.sstatic.net/ triggers CloudFlare's captcha.

Before I enter the captcha, I see unstyled StackExchange page and scripts don't work, after I explicitly enter the captcha for other depencency domain the page starts working well.

How do I track and unlock the other CloudFlare-enabled domains for the given page? Is there, for example, a Tor Browser's addon that handles CloudFlare's rejection for dynamically loaded content explicitly and shows something like "You need to enter 3 captchas for the following domains".


  1. Enable Developer Tools
  2. go to Networking
  3. try (re-)loading
  4. observe 403 replies
  5. open a new tab
  6. go to the domain that retured 403
  7. enter CloudFlare's captcha
  8. goto 3.
  • Screenshot of what? Of the broken site due to inaccessible static content?
    – anonymous
    Mar 6, 2015 at 11:55

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There isn't such an option currently. You may want to make the Tor Browser people aware of your suggestion by opening a request on Tor's bug tracker.


Sometimes entering a first captcha AND forcibly refreshing the whole page helps, for me it worked in FF and Chrome. It seems that a cookie is issued or a sessionID provided is marked as "non-malware". Does not work on any/all page(s), but sometimes helps(~40%)

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