I have reason to believe that I my status or activities place me at particular risk. I would like to do everything that I can to keep safe while using Tor. I think that I should get a dedicated computer, but I don't know how to set it up, or stay safe while using it.

What are the things that an at-risk person like me should do to set up a particularly safe computer to use Tor on? Are there any risks that I should remain aware of, of that this setup won't protect me from? Are there any things that I should make sure always/never to do when using a setup like this?

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If you're looking for extreme security, I would suggest using Tails, or running Tor inside a virtual machine. A popular, pre-configured virtual machine/Tor setup is Whonix, which claims to prevent IP address leaks. Other than that, these are some ideas:

Getting a dedicated computer is a little extreme, and probably unnecessary if using a virtual machine. Learn how to configure your firewall, keep your software up-to-date, use anti-virus software when applicable, and find a good secure-erase tool. Tails comes with encryption software; learn to use that as well. Using public WiFi is a great way to keep attention away from your home IP, although as long as your aren't worried about a breakout Whonix should be sufficient for this. To answer your second and third questions: https://www.torproject.org/download/download-easy.html.en#warning

I suggest you read the Tor Project documentation and wiki, and remember: there is no perfect security, and there are attacks that even Tor does not defend against, if the adversary is powerful enough.


The easiest way is using the latest version of Tor Browser Bundle.

But if you think your computer might have been compromised, the next easy step is to burn a Live Linux, like Ubuntu on a CD. Boot your computer with that live CD, and use Tor Browser Bundle to surf the internet. You may also use Tails, which has been configure to use Tor by default.

Make sure you read these two warnings before using Tor or Tails.

"Want Tor to really work?" and "Tails Warning Page"

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