I have an IP address that changes roughly every 24 hours. About two out of three times, I’ve seen Tor detect that my IP address changed; but the last time it didn’t work and I had to restart the relay manually.

Is this flakiness expected or is there simply a nontrivial amount of delay before Tor detects this change? Should I write a script that restarts Tor instead of waiting for it to detect IP changes on its own?

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You're correct: Tor will detect the address change unless it's instructed to use a specific IP address in the torrc config. To speed up the address detection use a python script that will use Stem library for Tor and will check if your address has changed. And - when it changed - send SIGNAL NEWNYM to Tor control port and try to make an outgoing request, it will speed up the detection greatly


Yes, it should detect that by itself. Important is, that you have the address line in your torrc blank. Then the daemon will check for itself.

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