I have a problem regarding a specific package (obfs-proxy) which for some reason is not availabe anymore(at least not on archlinux anyway) and wanted to create a ticket on the trac but apparently I don't have enough rights to do it as I'm getting the following message:

TICKET_CREATE privileges are required to perform this operation on Ticket #None. You don't have the required permissions.

Why is this happening?

For clarification the reason I want this package is because the only way I can access tor is through bridges and I need to add it to my torrc so I can use torsocks.

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The Tor Project is currently in the process of migrating from trac to a Gitlab instance. It may be difficult to report issues there for the next few weeks. Instead you can try mailing lists, or asking on the #tor IRC channel at OFTC.

But for your actual question, I don't think that the Tor Project is the maintainer of the tor or obfs4proxy packages on Arch.

  • I use irc with tor but since now I need bridges for torsocks I can't go #tor hence I came here. but yeah, i'll wait a few weeks then
    – Trey
    Jun 11, 2020 at 2:05
  • 1
    If you have the Tor Browser, you can always use the obfs4 proxy from there (tor-browser/Browser/TorBrowser/Tor/PluggableTransports/obfs4proxy) with your system tor until you get the package working again.
    – Steve
    Jun 11, 2020 at 2:43

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