I have set up sshd on my box as a hidden service. I'm wondering if, when I

torify ssh uname@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.onion

is the user-name passed in the clear?


No the username will not pass in the clear. From the moment the SSH client uses Tor via torify/torsocks all data is encrypted.

If you try:

torify ssh -vv uname@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.onion

You will see that a connection is established before the username is tried. If you still feel unsafe, use shared SSH keys instead and run SSH on a non-standard port.

  • Thanks. -vv was helpful. Your other comments are general ssh security, right? I do use keys. As for the non-standard port, I think I've misunderstood - I had thought that the xxx.onion codes both the machine and port of the service, but I guess not... So if I want to offer both ssh and http on my server via tor, I will have two HIddenServiceDir's, right? Meaning two hostnames? Is it possible to use the same onion address for both?
    – Diagon
    Jul 1 '19 at 22:57

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