The Tor 0.3.5 series includes client authorization for v3 onion services.

Tor manual:

To configure client authorization on the service side, the "/authorized_clients/" directory needs to exist. Each file in that directory should be suffixed with ".auth" (i.e. "alice.auth"; the file name is irrelevant) and its content format MUST be:


The supported are: "descriptor". The supported are: "x25519". The is the base32 representation of the raw key bytes only (32 bytes for x25519).

How can I generate the ".auth" file?


Openssl 1.1.0 or newer that supports x25519 is required.

openssl genpkey -algorithm x25519 -out key.private.pem

cat key.private.pem | grep -v " PRIVATE KEY" | base64pem -d | tail --bytes=32 | base32 | sed 's/=//g' > private.key

openssl pkey -in private.key -pubout | grep -v " PUBLIC KEY" | base64pem -d | tail --bytes=32 | base32 | sed 's/=//g' > public.key

On the HS side, create .auth with content


On the client side, create .auth_private with content


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