I want to know the total bandwidth of the guard nodes. I went through https://metrics.torproject.org/network.html#bandwidth but I saw only the graphs. I want to know the value.

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You can find the advertised bandwidth values in the bandwidth.csv file, which is linked below each metric graph.

As explained on the Tor Metrics Portal: Statistics page, each row of this file has the following fields:


The rows where isguard column is t(rue) will give you the bandwidth for the guard nodes.

Please note that there are two rows where isguard is equal to t for each day: one for the Guard-only nodes and the other for the Guard & Exit nodes. So you just need to add them to get the total value.

2014-03-25,f,t,4561740723,2477486643,2592422620,, # Guard-only
2014-03-25,t,t,2467664369,1416232643,1461686772,, # Guard & Exit

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