When trying to log-in to my Telegram account on web.telegram.org I get requested to insert my phone number as usual. The next step would be insertion of a log-in authentification code that I receive on other Telegram instances.

Instead of switching forward to the insertion field for that code I always receive the following error dialog:

Too fast
You are performing too many actions. Please try again later.
Click for technical details

So I click on "Click for technical details" and see the following description:

Method: auth.sendCode
Result: {"_":"rpc_error","error_code":420,"error_message":"FLOOD_WAIT_86400"}

However, log-in to Telegram Web in common webbrowsers (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) works completely fine. Only the Tor Browser seems to cause this error.

Does any Tor user have similar issues with Telegram web?


Sometimes websites will block Tor users because they can't tell the difference between the average Tor user and some malicious or automated traffic.

Source: My favorite website is blocking access over Tor!

Wait for an hour and try again. You might also want to try Telegram Desktop.

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