I have been using the Tor browser bundle. However the website http://www.3quarksdaily.com fails to load... it returns "404 page not found."

The website loads perfectly fine outside Tor. I wonder what the problem is? (I saw a similar post on htts://tor.stackexchange from last year but in that case the problem website was first presenting a captcha. In this case there is no captcha, so perhaps the problem is different...)


The website http://www.3quarksdaily.com/ uses CloudFlare and CloudFlare has special access rules. When they see a Tor exit relay the website operator can choose from four options

  • let the traffic go through (whitelist)
  • show a CAPTCHA
  • show a JavaScript challenge or
  • completely block the traffic.

It seems 3quarksdaily.com (or Typepad) has chosen to block Tor traffic.

You can try to use the service of archive.is to save and browse the page. I tried to access it via https://archive.is/ewEJl. Furthermore you can write a mail to support@typepad.com and ask them to unblock Tor connections. If you decide for this variant it would be nice to comment and tell us what they answered.


I contacted the editor of 3quarksdaily.com and he emailed Typepad to investigate. Unfortunately Typepad is blocking Tor. Here is the response from Typepad:

Due to an increase in spamming and abuse from users of the Tor anonymous proxy, it was necessary to block access to Typepad sites from Tor users. We hope you understand the need for this level of security to project you and other members of the Typepad community.

For visitors to your site who prefer to use Tor, we would suggest that they subscribe to the blog's feed using a feed or subscribe to receive updates to your blog via email.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know.



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