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Does Google know that I am using Tor Browser?
15 votes

It is easy for any website owner to know you are using Tor because the list of Tor exit nodes is publicly available. Google has said they are not specifically targeting Tor users by making them solve ...

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Can't connect Tor Network, failed to establish network
9 votes

Try using bridges. The easiest way to block Tor is by downloading the publicly available list of Tor relays and blocking access to all those IP addresses. Bridges are Tor relays that aren't listed in ...

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What Tor-friendly hosting providers allow anonymous accounts?
Accepted answer
7 votes

The Tor community maintains a list of ISPs that have worked for others in the past along with some comments of people's experiencs working with each service. That list is here: https://trac.torproject....

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How do I keep my Tor Browser Bundle current?
6 votes

Development work for an autoupdate function within the Tor Browser Bundle is ongoing. The solution we give out to people right now involves following the link in the Tor Browser's Onion menu to https:/...

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Is TorBirdy also securing requests by Thunderbird to PGP keyservers?
Accepted answer
3 votes

The keyserver TorBirdy is configured to use by default is a Tor Hidden Service, so yes. In the event you alter the default keyserver to a different one, the answer is also yes. Documentation for ...

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Why does Tor Browser include multiple torrc files?
2 votes

The torrc-defaults file contains sane defaults for Tor that probably shouldn't be changed. If users want to modify Tor's behavior, or override the default behavior, they should edit the torrc file. ...

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How can volunteers join the RT team?
1 votes

Responding to support requests is not a volunteer role. In 2012, the Tor Project received funding for support assistants and hired some volunteers in early 2013 to fill that role. This resulted in an ...

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