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Am a Gray hacker from deep dark web Let's talk about this $ USD In blockchain wellet Hacked from Bill Anderson I have account full info and password of this account because off this money people are rushing to have thier % I would like to transfer this BTC wealth of money into your If you will agree with me,I will send the money to your bank. There must be a reflection between the two blockchain account for me to be able to transfer this BTC. There must be a reflection from you and me to the main BTC account to have a history of transaction and be able to send you money. To have this transaction done , First you need to send 0.50 BTC so i can send you the BTC straight to your bank with no trace as you know cypto has no trace. If you agree, I will send you the account BTC address to do your reflection Before i can send BTC funds to your bank Be patient and think of it. I will be waiting to hear from you. The man from deep dark web. From Alaska mainly spring. Should in case you need more explanation to this contact me on ICQ :824464

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