Have been using PC's since 2008, started using Linux since 2016, I have Windows 10 build 10240, Ubuntu 16.04 and Arch Linux <3 with KDE ❤️ on a triple boot configuration. I like zsh 🚀 primarily and fish 🐠 at other times. I use sublime text and nano but I'm switching to vim & neovim gradually.

I primarily do Data Analysis, Image manipulation, Editing, Automation, Scripting and Programming mostly done by System Administrators, other than that my interests include that of Statistics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Dev Ops, Web Development, Kernel Development, Application Development, Android Development, Package Management, Desktop Development.

Python, Bash, C and C++ are what I make use of, have experience with Perl, MATLAB, Go too and for versioning and management I make use of git and it's gui derivatives github and gitlab.

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