I've been doing software for almost 14 years, not only writing code, doing architecture, team leading and experimentation with new technologies and languages, but also seeking the development myself and my fellow squad members.

The last 6 years I have invested working for 2 Brazilian startups, where I had the opportunity to take part of several projects performing a number roles, from product feature development and architecture, all the way through code and deployment.

Most of my experience resides in the Java language, its JVM, frameworks, build tools, application servers and other components. Nonetheless, I enjoy coding in other languages, like Python and Groovy (mostly used to build general purpose scripts) and also some backend JavaScript for the Node.js runtime.

Other specialties include GIT, databases (along with non-relational ones), Eclipse and IntelliJ, Linux and other operational systems, Docker, CI tools, software development methodologies, AWS and others. Feel free to reach me and know more!

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