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Kotlin/Java - Software engineering, architecture, design, implementation, testing.

Brief technology list: Go, Elasticsearch, NSQ, JavaSE/EE, Kotlin, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, microservices, distributed systems architecture, devops, docker, container orchestration, Kubernetes, Azure, GoogleCloud, CosmosDB, Cloud Spanner, MySQL, MongoDB, Couchbase, RabbitMq, event sourcing and CQRS - ready to learn more. Mac, Windows and Linux user. Also Ruby/Rails, JSF, Primefaces, HTML, PHP, Javascript, basics of web development.

Previous position: Monitoring and first stage diagnosis of major outages and international services and backbone network for GTS CE with wide knowledge of DWDM, SDH, microwave and IP systems, Ethernet L2. Cooperation with international team, close cooperation with colleagues in regards to organize team work, procedures and everyday work. Graphics edition (with a high sense of aesthetic).

  • London, UK
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