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Axel Beckert
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Studied Computer Science at the University of Saarland. Currently work as System Administrator and Network Security Specialist at ETH Zurich. I'm a Debian Developer and Zsh Committer. I'm a board member of the Linux User Group Switzerland.

My favourites: Debian, Perl, Git, GNU Emacs, Zsh, GNU Screen, Aptitude.

While I'm probably more active on computer and IT related StackExchange sites, I also like the simplicity of old, often electronic-free cars: I own a Citroën 2CV, a Citroën HY, and a Citroën CX 25 Break as well as a Fiat Ducato based motor home (disguised as Citroën Jumper :-).

I also own several bicycles, two Brompton folding bicycles, a Radius Hornet I short-wheelbase recumbent bicycle, a Fateba L2 long-wheelbase recumbent bicycle, a KMX X-Class recumbent trike, and two generations of the Croozer Cargo bicycle trailer (for holidays, shopping, etc.).

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Apr 19, 2017