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ssh reverse connect tor

So , i solved the problem. Change torsocks to ssh -o "ProxyCommand socat - SOCKS4A:localhost:%h:%p,socksport=9050" and now a can create reverse connect from device to my server.
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Tunnel TCP over Tor2Web

tor2web is an HTTP proxy, it takes in requests for "foo.tld" and makes a corresponding request to "foo.onion" over Tor and provides back the response. It's important to note that it makes a ...
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How does Tor create circuits

Tor builds circuits and then attaches "streams" to those circuits. For example tor might create a circuit "TorProxy -> A -> B -> C" (where A/B/C are relays), and then ...
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TOR BUG,Tor dropping SSH tunnel to hidden SSH service

The problem was the server was hosted on a non-standard ssh port (2022). Solutions: Use the LongLivedPorts to add your port in your torrc and make more stable connections for certain ports If the ...
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How to create a secure tunnel from my server <---> torserver.onion:port

You need a Stunnel with full verification enabled (verify=3 in config) and your local SSL microCA. For microCA I do recommend you to try either an OpenSSL perl scripts, or easyRSA as something more ...
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