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How do I script-check whether Tor is used in the most efficient and stable manner possible?

Why do you think it would change at any moment? I'm too searching for short/comfortable json-like-way. But, for the first time, I do not think that plain/html - is high-resources or would be changed ...
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Unable to connect to may be down temporarily due to a long list of reasons, ranging from DDoS attacks to a simple planned maintenance. Disable DNS in your network settings and try to visit a ...
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Does Snowflake provide an entry or exit point for Tor users?

Snowflake offers entry points to the network. "The snowflake client and snowflake proxy may also be referred to as snowflake peers. In Snowflake, WebRTC occurs only between the snowflake peers: ...
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Tor Expert Running tor check fails

Not "+SocksPort 9990" but just "SocksPort 9990" - and, according to your logs - it is not fully bootstrapped yet when you're trying to use it - look for a message Sep 28 22:41:48.000 [notice] ...
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can Tor/Tails have dropouts

From Tails, using Thunderbird with it's default settings? No. If Tor's connection dropped or Tor crashed you'd just lose connectivity entirely. Any programs correctly configured to use Tor's ...
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