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Tor and macOS Sierra

If you're having trouble saving the changes to the prefs.js file, might be a permissions issue. Did you try updating the pref.js file using terminal: sudo nano ~/Library/Application Support/...
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How to get tor on my iPhone 7

There is no official Tor app that is developed by or maintained by the Tor Project. If you trust the Tor Project, that does not necessarily mean you should trust arbitrary Tor apps you find in the iOS ...
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Tor Browser dropped support for 10.8

Why Run Supported Software I agree with @canonizingironize, you are still going to be a target. There are so many people running out-of-date software that targeting them is lucrative. Also, let's not ...
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Not Supported by this type of mac

Check your mac model and specs too see if your mac is 32 bit or 64 bit. TOR ended support for 32 bit mac's operating system-10.6.8 snow leopard cause Apple ended support for snow leopard. If your ...
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Tor on computer connects fine using bridges, portable Tor does not

I used to have a similar problem as you. Now it is fixed for me, using the method described here: obfs4proxy crash no apparent reason ...
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torbrowser-install-4.5.1 installation problem on Windows XP

Download the Tor Browser Bundle. Right-click the application file. At the bottom, click "Properties". You will see a notice that says "This program seems to have come from another computer.." Click ...
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