Raspberry Pi is series of closed-sourced, card-sized and single-board computers developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Question should in regards to the operations, configurations and maintenance of Raspberry Pi used with the Tor software or the Tor network.

These extremely compact computers features an System on a chip which include a Central Processing Unit and Graphical Processing Unit.

They also includes multitudes of input and output options such as SD card slot for persistent memory storage, RAM for temporary storage, 3.5mm phone jack for audio, USB port(s) and video transmission port(s) (such as HDMI), Ethernet ports for network connection, Bluetooth for wireless exchange of data and last but not least, General-Purpose Input and Output ports which as the name implies, have many uses.

They are compatible with a variety of operating systems such as Raspbian and Ubuntu Mate. Full list can be found here. And they can be used with a variety of software development tools.

In regards to Tor, they most commonly used for setting up a Relay node for the Tor network or as a Router to route all internet traffic from a computer or a local network into the Tor network. They can also used for Internet of Things routed through the Tor network. Questions can be in relation of these relevant topics as bold-ed above.