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Written in September 2013, this answer might be out of date after some time. Full disclosure: I am a maintainer of Whonix wrote most of this page, so I may be biased. (By the way, that page is under a Free as in speech license, so if you legally copy it to wikipedia (or similar) it can be made truly objective.) If you are most concerned about local ...


This answer isn't perfect yet, but still better than nothing. This answer mostly works for TBB 3.0 and above. (Currently the Alpha version of TBB.) Most of this solution is taken from Whonix's source code. It could be made to work with TBB 2.x (currently the stable version of TBB) as well, in that case get the modified Tor Browser start script (start-tor-...


sys-whonix is not set up to forward packets between VMs, and doing has not been evaluated for leaks. Instead, qrexec should be used for inter-vm communication. In dom0, create a file /etc/qubes-rpc/policy/local.ssh containing the line: srcVMname destVMname allow Replace with the actual names of your VMs. Repeat this line for as many connection pairs as ...


Not normal for Tor, but normal for Whonix. It's sdwdate. Details:

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