This approach of trying to shoehorn yourself into the middle of the bellcurve is ultimately destined to fail. Part of the problem is that you seem to be viewing each part of the various things they fingerprint on as a distinct challenge to approach and try and sit in the middle of the bellcurve of for all browsers. Instead, an observer knows you're using ...


Panopticlick works by comparing your browser's fingerprint with what it has seen so far. So when you're the first or one of the first users that access it with a new version, it hasn't recorded data from other Tor Browser users yet. After a while, more people visit it using Tor Browser and you're not unique anymore.


Yes, that's exactly what I can tell you: if you're using a Tor browser - use it as it's designed to be. The goal of the default screen size is to make it's users look the same way to enharden fingerprinting. If you need a full-screen, you can use either Tor browser or Firefox, Chrome is not recommended due to it's google nature :) But be warned: you will be ...


Tor website clearly stated they have no responsibility about addons. Some addons make you more trackable while others may have no impact. The reason is that addons can call out of the browser commands and send information with direct connection which voids your anonymity. It is better to use tails with its browser + addons. It is more trustable.

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