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Okay to run relay with an -alpha-dev distribution?

Yes, it's absolutely fine to run a alpha version of Tor as a relay if and only if you're a relatively advanced user. First of all, alpha's need testing. However, be prepared for bugs and please only ...
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Tor suggested packages

Generally with "suggested" packages you can safely ignore them They are just packages that may be useful to you if you installed Tor If you want to install recommended packages run (assuming you're ...
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System tor does nothing after a system wide upgrade

This is a known issue on Ubuntu/Debian, there's a conflict with apparmor because Tor is still running as root when it tries to scan the hidden service directories. They're looking into making the ...
  • 10.8k
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How dangerous is it to run Tor without verifying the signature of the package?

You better avoid this kind of running: when I helped people I saw a fake Tor Browser distributions: tor.exe binary was replaced with some malicious program that even tried to mimic original program's ...
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How to run Tor on Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi?

Although the answer has been accepted, I have some sort of update: While everything "weasel" said is true, we now have the Raspberry 2, that works perfectly as it features an ARMv7 CPU. In other ...

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