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Cannot persist NoScript settings on TorBrowser 8

This is a known issue: Looks like the fix will be released very soon with the next update.
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Noscript DISABLED on tor 8.0.8

This is not really a problem with Tor, but within Firefox. One of the certificates which Firefox uses for signing of add-ons is expired. They write about it in their bugtracking system: https://...
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Cannot persist NoScript settings on TorBrowser 8

Since NoScript 10.2.2 you can check NoScript Options>Advanced>Override Tor Browser's Security Level preset. Also Notice that in Tor Browser 9 NoScript's and HTTPS Everywere's toolbar buttons are ...
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1 vote

How to use Tails/Tor with sites that need Javascript

I found if I do this then go to it works much better. If you don't change the about:config settings Tor won't let you connect to I cannot reproduce this. The old reddit ...
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Cannot use NoScript with Tor set on Safest Mode

This is a temporary change in the latest Tor Browser version (9.0.7) due to a Firefox vulnerability. In addition, this release disables ...
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Where is noscript source code in Tor browser bundle

73a6fe31-595d-460b-a920-fcc0f8843232.xpi is the NoScript addon
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Cannot persist NoScript settings on TorBrowser 8

You can change the Tor Browser Security Settings Security Level to Safest, which only enables frame and other by default. Unfortunately, as of Tor Browser 8.0.4, it looks like I can't save per-site ...
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Can not see comments via Facebook on with Tor Browser 7.0.4. Why?

It seems to be a NoScript bug. When I disable 'Sanitize cross-site suspicious requests' in NoScript Options\Advanced\XSS then Facebook comments come back. So, it is the first solution to disable '...
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NoScript 5.0.6 not working on TBB current build 7.0.2

Google Maps in the browser does not use Java but Javascript. No Script is great at blocking Javascript from loading and running at all. You need to make sure No Script is set to block everything ...
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Can attach (and access) identifying cookies to TorBrowser session if JavaScript disabled?

With or without Javascript Tor Browser has a default policy of blocking third party cookies. Cookies can only be set or retrieved by request of domain in the URL bar, regardless of resource fetches ...
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