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Who pays for the network?

I pay for it, I run a relay. You too could help cover the cost of providing the service to users if you have the resources to spare, some time to work through some documentation and the inclination. ...
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Who pays for the network?

Actually, the people who host the nodes. It's quite common to have an unmetered/unlimited Internet plans, so running a node costs no more than a regular Internet usage. Sometimes people do run it on ...
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How much does it cost to run the Tor network if we divide it per Tor user?

Yes, someone already tried to do the calculation: To sum up, that would make the entire Tor network run for approximately $90,000 a month or $1,072,860 a year. Roughly the price for a (very) small ...
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How can an external observer detect if a malicious relay does excessive logging?

There is no way short of the hypothetical attacks you mentioned to determine if a relay is excessively logging. Excessive logging is a criterion for considering a relay malicious but that doesn't mean ...
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Self health check for Hidden Service

I solved this issue with following: RendPostPeriod N (I set it on 20 minutes) (seconds|minutes|hours|days|weeks) Every time the specified period elapses, Tor uploads any rendezvous service descriptors ...
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Self health check for Hidden Service

Create a file named (give it permission read and write) allow Executable ) working in ubuntu or whonix or in tails drag and Drop in the terminal and hit enter .. *remember to ...
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Are Tor connections *that* unstable?

Is there a way to enfource a new route towards my hidden services so I can circumvent the peers that are failing? From the Tor Project website, we see: An onion service needs to advertise its ...
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Orbot as a middle relay - does it make any sense?

Using your phone as a relay will take up some of your phones computing power but what I'd be worried about is mainly the bandwitdth, if you lose connection to wifi you will use up data quickly. Along ...
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How can Tor users and Tor Network protect themselves from an exit node that is actively logging or manipulating exit traffic?

There is procedure in Tor for reporting bad relays: Send email to address [email protected] and describe the ...
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