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You've a couple of options: If Github isn't blocked in your network, then you can go to the official Github website for downloading the Tor Browser which is: (gettor is case sensitive), or you can directly go the official repository for downloading the Tor Browser on Github:


You should get the V2Dir flag simply by publishing a DirPort. Now, whether or not you publish a directory port depends on many factors, including your accounting/hibernation configuration --- see router.c.


There are alot of places where sources of Tor may be found, e.g. github. You must remember that Tor is not a panacea and moreover, you must know how to use other software. There are great amount of projects which embed Tor in-self, e.g. yet another torbrowser, Tails LiveCD You can achieve via free socks5 proxy or free vpn, e.g. ...

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