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What is mirroring a Tor directory

In the torrc there is 'uncomment this to mirror directory information for others, please do if you have enough bandwith' I basically would have some bandwith free but my router is out of RAM. But this ...
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Does using a hidden service mirror of a clearnet site improve the privacy/anonymity of the user (generally)?

Some clearnet sites are also available as hidden services such as DuckDuckGo, Ahmia, and Z-Library. Would using their Tor hidden service instead of their clearnet website increase your privacy/...
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How to create a mirror of a clearnet website?

I have an already running https website and I would like to also have a full functioning (with logins) mirror of it. I have read about EOTK and Onionize but I am not quite sure about it. Thanks in ...
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What is the criteria for the V2Dir flag appearing?

I've just read What are good explanations for relay flags? to get a feel for what flags could possibly appear on my new relay (which is an image from Tor Cloud, but with torrc modified to be a relay ...
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My ISP/Network/Government has blocked access to the TorProject website. How can I download Tor?

I'm trying to download Tor but my ISP/Network administrator/Government has blocked access to the TorProject website. How do I download Tor?
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