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How can I figure out how to use TOR in my Java application

Just download and run TOR Browser. It will open a socks proxy in your system. You can check the port in browser settings: You just need to set a proxy for your java socket: InetSocketAddress ...
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Does the onion routers know their position in the circuit?

This should not be acceptable, no. Tor does not leak information about circuit position in this way, and there's no need for it. Use an encryption scheme that doesn't change the size of the data you'...
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Using Tor network for Java sockets

SilverTunnel-NG is able to provide access to the Tor Network on a Socket level. You can checkout the Sample code here The easiest way is to use maven and include the following dependency into your ...
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Is it safe to have Java installed in my computer if I'm using the Tor browser?

As @Steve mentioned in the comment, Tor Browser does not use Java nor does it support Java applets. So, there's no need for it to interact with your local Java installation. (Try executing any Java ...
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Connect to hidden service

Try Silvertunnel-NG and configure other libraries to use its socks proxy to connect to .onion .
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Unstable websocket over Tor

There is nothing in Tor itself limiting the lifetime of the TCP connection. Although you do get a new circuit every 10 minutes (by default), if there are any TCP connections alive on the existing ...
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How to call Tor browser using Selenium using Java?

If you just want to remote-control the Tor Browser, have a look at Marionette from Mozilla. It is built into the Tor Browser (and every other current Firefox). You enable it on the command line by ...
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