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Is Tor network traceable

Tor connections are in general secure. However for a global adversary it would be possible to trace a Tor connection back to a user. It is not known whether such a global adversary exists or if ...
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torcc file missing on Mac OS Sierra?

Open Finder Press Command, Shift, G Enter this command: ~/Library/Application Support/TorBrowser-Data/Tor You should be able to see the Torcc file
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How often should i click on "Create new identity"?

It depends on your privacy needs. Tor does this on it's own to an extent every ten minutes (at least with your exit node) For instance, if you wanted to visit a site repeatedly as a new user, you ...
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Iterate through List of Exitnodes

This already exists as ExitMap. It's approach is to launch it's own copy of Tor which is configured not to automatically attach streams to existing circuits through use of the ...
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Changing identity using Tor and Stem

Try removing this. Because once the Socket is set the controller cannot change it. from stem import Signal from stem.control import Controller with Controller.from_port(port = 9151) as controller: ...
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How to automate browsing task in Tor via terminal?

Your answer is cURL + shell/Perl(depends on your task details)
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