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Take a look at this site: For me the internal keyboard of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 doesen't work. I use a bluetooth keyboard with an USB dongle. For the installation process I followed this guide: and also used etcher to flash the .img-file to the USB ...


To prevent the server from being accessible from the network, you need to bind your webserver to localhost rather than to all interfaces. So for example in your apache config, instead of: Listen 80 You need: Listen


The tor.service is normally run as a non-privileged process (i.e. the process' owner's UID is not 0). This is true unless (as is the case here) the flag DisableAllSwap is set to 1 (default is 0) in which case the process must be started as root (see service unit file) and later passed on to user tor (see file etc/tor/torrc). No matter, for both ...


Possibly. Does the image have identifying metadata? For example, images will often store the type of camera, GPS location, date/time, and more as metadata. Pinterest themselves may strip some of this metadata off before sending the files to other users' devices (I'm not sure if they do or not), but Pinterest themselves would be able to view this metadata. ...

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