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How do Google servers discriminate anonymous users?

Error 403 and CAPTCHA are appearing because the exit node you're using is not dedicated to you only: Many people are using it, including to access Google and other services. It seems - on a website ...
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Are Google’s captchas often downright impossible to solve for Tor users because reCAPTCHA is *lying* to them?

Yes. This for me happens only with Tor. I have tested multiple VPN and browser configs and the only combination that got the "please try again" error was Tor. Furthermore sometimes even when the ...
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Google display language

Google uses your geoip location to provide a webpage with that language. If you get in French that means you're exiting from an exit node in France. To solve this try to use https://...
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Is it possible to use Google apps with Tor?

If the captcha is via CloudFlare you're probably out of luck. I've got through 30+ captchas and then gave up. It's a known issue that CloudFlare seems very reluctant to remedy. It's not a Google issue ...
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Login to, request "New Tor circuit for this site", still recognizes original login

Requesting a new circuit will get you exactly that -- a new circuit. It does not mean that Tor won't pick the same exit again, and it will not clean any cookies. It is trivial then of course for a ...
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Google search via Tor browser

Enable the "High" Security Setting in the TorButton, go to, enter you search engine, and you will get a much simpler captcha (only text), and your search query will most likely ...
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Google is able to track me through Tor

Hardware fingerprinting is used, but like that. And your setup and case sounds like a login leak: i.e. you've logged in somewhere like in Google/Youtube and it keeps tracking you. That's why a ...
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Why am I getting ads by Google

This site and many others show advertisement. The task of Tor Browser is to make sure that those sites can't access your information. So they can't access cookies which come from other tabs or ...
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Is it OK to get an alert from Gmail while browsing through Tor Browser?

It's impossible for the middle to know you were visiting GMail. It didn't go rouge. It's likely Google uses a different GeoIP database than Tor Browser. When Google saw an exit that's allegedly in ...
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reCAPTCHA doesn't work with Tor Browser

I had the same issue. I lowered the security slider to the lowest level, did the reCaptcha, then slid it back to where I had it before. It works every time for me, give it a try.
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Tracking users via google APIs?

2nd point: it's as simple as hell to give you one cookie/tracker to merge it. The tracking itself may be not a trivial task, but Tor Browser is a browser after all, so it can not defeat some ...
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Is there any effort put into limiting/preventing abuse coming from tor exit nodes

Google and Facebook run commercial services. They can block whoever they want to for whatever reason. If they wanted to block all Tor users, for no reason whatsoever, then that would be their ...
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Google knows my language when I use Tor

It's probably in your HTTP_ACCEPT headers. See If you can see your language there, so can other sites you visit. Mine says: HTTP_ACCEPT: Headers text/html, */* gzip, ...
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Does Google hand over captcha IPs to webmasters?

As per @CodesInChaos comment: Google gets to know a user's IP.Citation needed Nothing in the article you linked indicates that Google learns anything except the exit node's IP, which the webmaster ...

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