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This is not really a problem with Tor, but within Firefox. One of the certificates which Firefox uses for signing of add-ons is expired. They write about it in their bugtracking system: Hopefully this will fixed within the next hours. Tor also has the entry #30388 in their bug tracker. So basically we ...


NO! Tor hides your IP address and this addon does not. do NOT change (especially install additional) addons in Tor Browser! Can I install Firefox addons on Tor Browser?


copy %userprofile%\desktop\Old Firefox Data\profile.default to %yourTORpath%\Browser\TorBrowser\Data\Browser and rename to profile.default-1234567891011. Actually suffix is random, I guess, but I copied it from another profile in this directory. Then edit profile.ini in the same directory and put it as following: [General] StartWithLastProfile=1 [Profile0]...

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