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Are AES-NI crypto instructions used by my Tor (relay) server?

It depends: (Link has been removed, I've been unable to find it in the archive, maybe someone else will.) on if the OpenSSL it was ...
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Fast/Slow relays in Tor

From the directory spec, the threshold is almost always 100 KB/s. A router is 'Fast' if it is active, and its bandwidth is either in the top 7/8ths for known active routers or at least 100KB/s. Yes ...
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How Can I Keep My Tor Relay Stable When I Need To Do A Software Update

Restarting a relay will not cause it to lose it's Stable flag. Stable doesn't require 100% uptime, it requires that it be up most of the time, so restarting it to apply updates shouldn't cause it to ...
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My relay is getting slower

It takes a while for relays to be fully integrated into the network. The Tor Project has published an excellent blog post called The lifecycle of a new relay that has some more details on it.
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