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Is it possible to voluntarly unlist a relay from consensus?

Remove the tor instances your not using so there gone and not just hibernating. There is no way to remove them your self from the consensus. They will automaticly dissapear after about a week of no ...
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Does Tor still monitor "shadow" relays?

As far as I know it is still possible to do those kind of attacks against the network. However Tor tries to detect bad relays and block them from participating in the network. So there is a high ...
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What is the key blinding function used in the hidden service protocol v3?

I've messaged one of the tor developpers and he's been kind enough to answer. In the rend-spec-v3.txt document, the function is actually specified in appendix A2. And the "HSDirV3" flag ...
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Received http status code 302 from server while fetching consensus directory

Take a look at the suggested configuration for CentOS. As long as you aren't running an exit node, this should be all you need. You can also find help from fellow relay operators here.
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If a client has a not-so-not-fresh consensus (<24hr), does he download the whole consensus again directly or from a relay?

As far as I remember consensus documents are downloaded from the directory guards. Currently, every client has three guards but that's subject to change. I believe you never download the full ...
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This appeared in one of my PHP files

"How did it get there" No idea. "what is it" It looks like a Tor network consensus document "why did it delete my PHP file" It's a plain text file, it couldn't have. "how do I prevent this from ...
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How does having a dynamic IP for Tor relay affect its metrics?

I would have to say that having a dynamic ip can hurt your relay in the metrics over a static ip. While I cant pick out specifics I can give you the links to the tor-relay email discussions which ...
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Why is my measured bandwidth so low compared to actual -- is there a off by 1K issue?

Thanks for running a relay. (: Clients choose which relays to use based on their consensus weight. The consensus weight is assigned by the directory authorities after measuring the throughput for ...
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How can I get consensus data from Directory authority servers for research purpose?

The votes themselves are also hosted at where they can be downloaded directly.
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