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How to bypass sites that blocks tor?

As far as I know this is not possible All tor relay UP addresses are publicly available, including exit ones. Any webmasters that choose to block them can, in fact Tor Project operates a dedicated ...
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2 votes

What is up with these longer onion addresses?

After a bit of searching, I did find this article. It seems that I'm a little behind the times, so to make up for asking a silly question, I'll answer it for anyone still wondering: Technical ...
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1 vote

CloudFlare versus Tor ExitNodes setting

The name is "deanonymizing" - that's what Google, Amazon, Apple and many others are doing. To avoid this case you need to use a normal browser on a VM jail-routed through Tor via TransPort, ...
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Cloudflare's new .onion DNS resolver?

Does it make sense? Yes it makes sense. Using the Cloudflare resolver over it's onion address gives you additional privacy and also makes the dns query tamper resistant.
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Cloudflare Hates TBB v7? (Not Duplicate)

What was the previous TBB version doing that I wasn't seeing so many Cloudflare captchas? According to these two comments from arma and gk, the fix was on Cloudflare's side, and they haven't ...
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How do i avoid the "i am not a robot" verification when i open a new website?

See: (can't mark as duplicate, no votes or accepted answers. seems a problem with stackexchange and anonymity where people ask with "anonymous" accounts ...
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