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3 votes

Noscript DISABLED on tor 8.0.8

This is not really a problem with Tor, but within Firefox. One of the certificates which Firefox uses for signing of add-ons is expired. They write about it in their bugtracking system: https://...
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2 votes

Can't start relay - certificate error

Several issues were present: 1) Firewall was too restrictive preventing connections to a necessary port (53, for local dns resolving) 2) Torrc misconfiguration. Not entirely sure which option. 3) ...
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2 votes

cert type 4, 5, 7 in cert cell

All certificates types are listed here, see section "A.1. List of certificate types" [04] - Ed25519 signing key with an identity key (see prop220 section 4.2) [05] - TLS link ...
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2 votes

SSL certificate for Tor

At the moment the only way to get a trusted SSL certificate for a .onion domain is to buy an EV (extended validation) certificate. For more info see:
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2 votes

How to easily verify certificates on .onion versions of clearnet sites?

[waves] Facebook-over-Tor-geek here. It's a toughie, the cleanest thing is to use the same SSL certificate in your clearnet and onion sites, but this only will work if you can use EV certificates on ...
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1 vote

Security vulnerabilities for http login of self-hosted nextcloud server over tor?

Can malicious actors, and/or malicous tor-node operators directly read the Nextcloud password and username that I submit over http://some_onion_domain.onion, or do they require an additional ...
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1 vote

Tor Browser: "Connection not secure" no matter what site

Known issue: Version of Tor Browser is currently latest - 0.3.3-1. That's either severely outdated or not the Tor Browser ...
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1 vote

What is mean "" in wireshark when i establish tor connection using Tor Browser?

This is the hostname that is included in the SSL/TLS certificate. Tor doesn't use it for authentication, so it's just generated randomly.
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1 vote

TBB Sec Error Unknown Issuer (Comodo CA)

This is likely unrelated to Tor Browser (except that Tor Browser is being more strict about TLS being properly configured on the server side, it seems...), the server itself is at fault, the ...
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1 vote

Latest TBB never accept self-sign certificate

Permanent exceptions can't be made in Private Browsing mode. Go to about:preferences#privacy and either uncheck "Always use private browsing mode" or select "Remember History." This will save your ...
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