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From the README: The getxbook program downloads books anonymously. Using it will still result in your IP address being logged (use torify to stop this)... torify is tool that attempts to wrap your terminal command in a Tor session. There's a good tutorial on what you need to do, here. Then it's just a case of running: torify <your_command>


You need to run it with eval $variable, otherwise everything after cd is passed as arguments to cd.


From the Tor manual: Other options can be specified on the command-line in the format "--option value", in the format "option value", or in a configuration file. For instance, you can tell Tor to start listening for SOCKS connections on port 9999 by passing --SocksPort 9999 or SocksPort 9999 to it on the command line, or by putting "...


When you are looking for configuration of Tor-daemon, you should take a look at this file: tor-browser_en-US/Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Tor/torrc-defaults I'm not on Windows, however, I can advice to you to find a correct torrc - config file which is used by Windows version. For example, push at one time ctrl+tab, in this manager try to change configuration ...

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