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From what depends .onion addresses - public or private key of the service?

The public key is also derived from the private key. The .onion address is a hash of the public key but ultimately both are derived from the private key. Generate a private key, Get the public key ...
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Put Ed25519 keys in usable file format for Tor

To interpret the hs_ed25519_secret_key and hs_ed_25519_public_key files you can read/write the files in binary format. The first 32 bytes of these files are b"== ed25519v1-secret: type0 ==\x00\...
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irssi with Tor - Mapped hostname not working

irssi looks like it very strictly only works with real fqdn names that it can resolve directly with DNS. It works with socks4 but not with socks5 so you can't use the tor proxy directly. The official ...
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How do I generate “version 3” vanity onion addresses?

I've used mkp224o to generate V3 onion addresses.
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Put Ed25519 keys in usable file format for Tor

The data you've displayed on a screenshot is a binary displayed as a char stream, you need to put it in the right format. I have a good example on Go - here is the code, I'm sure you'll spot the ...
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How to convert a private key generated with mkp224o to the regular ed22419 format?

Since I saw your issue on GitHub closed by yourself, I think I should mention what helped you solve your issue in the answer. Issue solved by using See ...
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How do I generate “version 3” vanity onion addresses?

After installing mkp224o, use it as: mkp224o -B YOUR_PREFIX Alternately, you can use tor-v3-vanity for employing GPU to speed up finding addresses.
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mkp224o vanity address

thank you very much for those who tried to help, but I have already found out by reading the logs what it was like if someone ever had the same problem the solution is the following: you should not ...
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Tor Hidden Service Suddenly Stopped Working

Simply add another hidden service directory in the torrc.conf file & restart your Tor service with sudo service tor restart. Medium has a great tutorial on setting up a hidden service on Tor: ...
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Generating new addresses

So it seems the public key is only 32 bytes long, but in your example it is 64 bytes long. I coded the following script, given the full public key of 64 bytes and got the sample address you put. So ...
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Generating new addresses (links to the correct line as of today. If you're from the future, you might need to ctrl-f for "ONIONADDRESS") The onion address ...
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Is there a mechanism for testing that addresses and private keys match?

For any (sane) code, when you generate an RSA key you generate the private key then the public key is derived from it. The onion address is the base32 encoded first 10 bytes of the sha1 sum of the ...
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Where can I find the cache file about onion address?

but I still don't understand how to get onion address. You would simply edit your torrc config file, by propagating the settings for hidden service, thereafter tor daemon will re-read it, after ...
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