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High CPU usage on some sites

On some sites, the CPU usage goes to 100% (one core) and it freezes any activity inside the browser. For example I can move the window, but not click the tabs or in the page, and if I do, the actions ...
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Is supposed to read-accessible from Tor network?

I keep getting Access Denied This IP address (...) has been blocked from access to our services. Reason: Blocked. Time: Tue, 08 Feb 2022 16:15:56 GMT for rather long time already, even switching ...
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Can't host my own hidden service

I use lighttpd, i can access localhost with Firefox, use port 9000, I modified my torrc with this port; HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/ HiddenServicePort 80 Reload, ...
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Can Tor protect me from websites that aim to extract info from my device?

When using Tor, I enable scripts globally. Can the websites that I visit extract info such as how many hours ahead or behind UTC my device is configured, MAC addresses of my NIC, etc? My device runs ...
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Are server-sent-events (SSE) supported over Tor?

Server Sent Events(SSE) are a new alternative method to enable browser-server communication. Since Mozilla is supporting this initiative in their browsers, can we use SSE with the Tor Browser? What ...
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What are key issues around publishing which websites block particular exit relays?

The answer to What common sites are known to be troublesome for Tor use? is a "community wiki [that] will list commonly used websites known to be troublesome for Tor users." I have encountered such ...
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Would this be a reasonably secure website?

If this is something for the Information Security Stack Exchange I understand. I want to know if this hypothetical setup is reasonably secure to the point where it can't be conventionally hacked ...
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Instructions for bridges do not match the browser tools

There are a few places in the user manuals that talk about bridges. Three different methods of using bridges are mentioned, however, only one of them works. I have looked exhaustively and have been ...
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How do I prevent tor from overwriting my hostname file?

I am trying to use my own custom .onion address using eschalot and after I add my info to hostname and key info into the private key file, upon starting tor, it overwrites my custom address and adds a ...
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tor friendly reverse proxy to share same public port for onion/nonion websites?

i m looking for a solution to announce a website on both clear/dark nets using same ip, same public port. Reading various documentation i m not so sure this is ever possible. Do you have some ideas ?...
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How make Ruby on Rails app available in .onion?

I have dedicated web server working by Rybu on Rails. But I don't know how to make it work in .onion link.
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Anything wrong with using port 80 for a website?

Is the only reason not to use port 80 the one outlined here? If your computer isn't running a webserver, and you haven't set AccountingMax, please consider changing your ORPort to 443 and/or ...
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Is HSDir based attack is still possible nowadays? +Need some info

I've read some information from 2014-17 about attacking possibilities which have or had nodes are called ''HSDirs'' At first what i need to know, HSDir node it is also ''exit'' or third node from ...
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