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Vidalia was a cross-platform graphical controller for the Tor software. It is discontinued.

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Bootstrapped at 10% for hours [duplicate]

I try to use Vidalia Bundle with certain application. It used to be stuck at 'starting Tor' if I recall correctly. So, I set it as 'run as client only' and added some bridges. Now it's stuck at 10% ...
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What happened to Vidalia?

I just updated Tor Browser bundle today. I opened it and was surprised to find no Vidalia control panel. Where did Vidalia go and how do I control the things that Vidalia did (bridges, start and stop ...
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How can a new circuit happen without closing all tabs?

Using the current version (3.5) of the Tor Browser Bundle, how can we switch to a new circuit without losing all tabs and activity? I understand the reason of "New Identity" means everything is ...
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About Vidalia not working/discontinued

If I try to install Vidalia on Ubuntu it does not work. It returns an error about user/permission on /var/run/tor directory ... maybe you are running tor with the wrong user Why has the Vidalia ...
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Where to with Tails when Vidalia dies

This question is prompted by the answer that was given to my question about the different behavior of the Tor Browser Bundle in Linux and Windows. If the Tor Browser Bundle is to dump Vidalia with ...
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Port Reachability Test Failed _ detailed info

I am currently connected to Tor Network, according to Vidalia. When i tried to set up a non-exit relay, i got the following errors: Server Port Reachability Test Failed - Your relay's server port is ...
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Tor browser behaviour in Windows versus Linux

If I start the Windows Tor browser bundle using Start Tor Browser.exe and subsequently close the browser, Vidalia shuts down Tor and then exits. In Linux, if I start the Tor browser bundle using the ...
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Setting up Tor relay and port reachability test failed error message [closed]

Greeting earthlings, I am attempting to set up Tor relay and the only issue I am encountering is a message stating that Server Port Reachability test failed and directory port reachability test ...
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Tor stuck at 10 % Bootstrap

I don't know why but my Tor can't seem to establish an encrypted directory connection. And when I see the logs it shows this warning "Problem bootstrapping. Stuck at 10 % : Connecting to directory ...
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