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How to change onion URL

I am well aware of how to generate an onion address with mkp224o, and how it spits out the keys, but how do I then use that new address to replace the old one. Many people have answered questions ...
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how to change my onion URL?

I have my onion site online but I'd like to change my URL. For example my URL looks like : http://j3cjshcxrizpbq4txis7lk242hascwom5vwhvhdfvgpajqkwlzfrynad.onion/ But I would like to change my URL and ...
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0 answers

"View video url" sometimes not shown

Instead of using a screen recorder, I like to record streams by using Tor Browser to "right click" on where the video should be (I think the site uses flash player), view Video URL and open and record ...
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Is there a safe way to access this site

" " I am a paid ...
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I am not able to set a custom Domain for my Hidden Service on Kali

I currently have tor installed on my Kali Linux laptop, I am trying to run a hidden service. Everything is working fine except I can't set a custom onion address. I have shallot installed and I ...
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