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Ubuntu is an operating system which is based on GNU/Linux.

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Obfsproxy problem in ubuntu

I have problem with Tor and obfsproxy for using bridges on ubuntu 14.04. Tor could not start obfsproxy and always return permission denied. tail -f /var/log/tor/log Aug 01 13:06:30.000 [notice] Tor ...
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How to implement the modified source code of Tor?

I want to log how many circuits have been made through my Tor onion router (OR). So if I do some changes in the original source code, how can I make my Tor use that changed source code. I am now using ...
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find needed details of my own private obfs4 Tor bridge

I've set up a private obfs4 Tor bridge following the official tutorial, PublishServerDescriptor set to 0. /var/log/tor/log shows positive entries so it should be configured correctly. The machine is ...
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How to perform NAT Punching with Tor

I learned from a video that NAT punching is one of the features of Tor. I run GNU/Linux Ubuntu 16.4. I have already installed Tor. It will be great if someone can instruct me how to perform this ...
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Problem running tor services

New to creating Tor_Hidden_Services. I created a website on Mobirise software and i wanted to run the site in Tor_Hidden_Services. I started with a tutorial from a friend which with his instructions, ...
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20 votes
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How to set up a Tor hidden service?

Seeing that I find the technical side of it extremely interesting, I want to try to set up a Tor hidden service. For this I am following the Torproject instructions. I installed Tor, have it running, ...
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How to install Tor with Meek support on Ubuntu/Debian

Is there any easy way to install and run Tor with meek support on Ubuntu? Beside it is possible to download the bundle archive I'm interested in ...
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2 answers

Can I use the Tor-Browser-Bundle update my ubuntu or it may be a bad idea?

I'm really enjoying using this software, but would like to upgrade my ubuntu by network tor with TBB using the command apt-get update and upgrade. I need advice if this is possible or compromise my ...
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Tor Browser launching very slowly

I am using Tor Browser on Lunx Mint 19.1. In the beginning it worked seamlessly, but in the last few days it took several minutes to start up. To understand it better I started 'torbrowser-launcher' ...
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I get a load balance error 429 on a particular website [closed]

In particular I get "Load Balancer Error: 429 Someone on your network is abusing this site with automated malicious software" when connecting to or any mirror site. If I connect via my ...
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Use Tor browser as non-root Linux

If I want to use the Tor browser as a non root user is there a way to do it without having to completely logout of the root workspace and log back in as another user? Basically have the browser run ...
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1 answer

How to properly build static binary of Tor on Ubuntu 13.04?

Is there a guide to build static version of Tor from latest source on Ubuntu 13.04? I'm looking for ldd output: not a dynamic executable There is main problem that I have remembered, openssl-dev ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Guard Nodes: how long is too long?

I've had the same guard node for almost 4 weeks now. I know it's natural to have the same guard for a prolonged period, but a month? I use tbb every day, tbb version 6.0.7 on ubuntu 16. Would anyone ...
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torrc DNSPort 53 - Tor browser will not start / Ubuntu 15

I try to set up a local redirection through tor as described here: My system is Ubuntu 15.04. Fresh Tor installation works fine. ...
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