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Torifying wrapper to redirect the traffic of socks-compatible apps through the tor network.

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Cannot use ftp with Tor

Whenever I attempt to connect to my FTP server with Tor, it rejects it. The FTP server is using a hidden service, I must use Tor to connect to it. What Tor says: [warn] Rejectiong SOCKS request ...
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SSH tunnel SOCKS5 or VPN after Tor with Tails

I am using Tails 1.2.2 as OS. I need to use anything to hide the fact I'm using Tor, so far I've tried socks5 with proxychains but the permission is denied when I check with curl. SSH tunnel are also ...
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Loading Gmail in Tor

When using Gmail in Firefox Google Chat works fine but when Gmail is accessed through Tor, the chat doesn’t load. Moreover, it says "Authentication Problem" and request to log in again in a red line ...
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Torbirdy looks for port 9150 whereas Tor daemon works on 9050

I see in documentation of TorBirdy everywhere that it needs to look for Tor Daemon on port 9150 but Tor daemon on my system(Ubuntu 14.04) runs on 9050 by default. What am I missing?
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Torsocks curl vs curl --socks5

On my linux box, I have both Tor and Tor browser bundle installed and running. I was wondering which of those two is to be preferred (in the sense of being the most robust to potential "anonymity ...
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"couldn't connect to host" using `torsocks` with `curl`

I am trying to use torsocks with curl. Tor is running as a relay node. DNS lookup is working but connection to the target with HTTP fails. $ host has address 173.255....
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