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TorBirdy is Torbutton for Thunderbird, Icedove and related Mozilla mail clients.

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Start only TOR without Firefox

I have installed the tor-browser-package and I'd like to use tor only in combination with Thunderbird\torbirdy and without Firefox therefore I tried to start only tor.exe (I also tried tor.exe with ...
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Torbirdy looks for port 9150 whereas Tor daemon works on 9050

I see in documentation of TorBirdy everywhere that it needs to look for Tor Daemon on port 9150 but Tor daemon on my system(Ubuntu 14.04) runs on 9050 by default. What am I missing?
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How will torbirdy work if exit nodes block SMTP traffic?

I wish to use Torbirdy alongside usual GPG encryption for emails. But I read, to prevent spam, that all exit nodes block SMTP traffic usually. So how does Torbirdy addon for thunderbird ensure that ...
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How to disable access to a particular account via torbirdy

I have 3 mail accounts on thunderbird that connect to respective pop servers through torbirdy. I need to access one of these mail accounts without Tor for legal reasons. I have looked in my account ...
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,Why is TorBirdy not deployed in Tails?

Why is TorBirdy not deployed in Tails? It is possible to combine Thunderbird and TorBirdy for anonymous and secure email. Instead, Tails ships Claws Mail without any visible Tor specific ...
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Why need Torbirdy when Thunderbird supports SOCKS proxy and Remote DNS

I read about torbirdy addon for Thunderbird, but it's still in Beta. But I read, found out how to setup setup SOCKS proxy in Thunderbird, and enable remote DNS resolution to avoid DNS leaks, why ...
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TorBirdy: Doesn't find keys on preconfigured onion keyserver

I use Icedove/Thunderbird together with TorBirdy. And now it doesn't find any keys anymore on the preconfigured keyserver: hkp://2eghzlv2wwcq7u7y.onion. I have no idea how to deal with this. Any ...
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Is TorBirdy also securing requests by Thunderbird to PGP keyservers?

I use Icedove/Thunderbird on Debian together with TorBirdy. And it works very well. Now I created a new keypair and uploaded it to a keyserver and asked myself if TorBirdy is taking care of this ...
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