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Deduce amount of traffic routed out of the Tor network compared traffic routed to hidden services

On the metrics page of the Tor network, there are two statistics that caught my eye: There is one dataset on the Onion-service traffic (both v2 & v3) and another dataset listing traffic for guards ...
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What are the statistics on how many people download the Tor Browser?

What are the statistics on how many people download the Tor Browser? How many people download it? How many update it?
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On a Tor status page what do these columns stand for?

There is a Tor status web page (warning: it loads pretty slowly), probably unofficial, which I usually use to see what is going on with a certain node. The page has the following fields for each tor-...
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Wrong average bandwidth stats in arm?

See screenshot below. Arm seems to calculate a wrong average: "avg: 2.3 MB/sec". I haven't been close to 2.3 MegaByte/sec; not even as peek. That's my relay:
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Where can i find the direct-users.csv metrics file?

It used to be here . I wanted to use it for a simulation I'm setting up, but I can't find it there nor elswhere. Does anybody know more about it?
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How to interpret the Circuit handshake stats?

What do the numbers in Circuit handshake stats since last time: 1833867/1833868 TAP, 159257/159257 NTor. mean? Is it how many of them were completed?
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How can I learn about the network?

I'd like to learn about the Tor network in terms of numbers, statistics. Can I find out how many relays the network has and possibly where they are located? Can I learn about roles the relays play ...
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Best way to view Tor logs and network stats using Tor via Homebrew?

I have installed Tor using Homebrew and configured torrc for client and bridge relay usage. However I would like to be able to see stats similar to what is available in Vidalia network monitor and log ...
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