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Trying to reach the Alpha Bay marketplace first time using Tor

I am trying to buy something on Alpha Bay but I am not sure how to get to the Alpha Bay website and how do I know it's the real one and not a spoofed mirror site. I am using an iPhone and just went to ...
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How to prevent DNS Spoofing attacks with Tor?

This question is an extension of How does Tor handle DNS poisoning. After having read Introducing DNS Resolver for Tor and DNS security issues, I am a bit concerned about the riscs of using Tor (...
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Device spoofing, instead of MAC address spoofing

Besides MAC address spoofing, how can device name, device brand, and device type spoofing (randomization?) be done on a Tails (windows) system, so that WLAN hotspot hosts see different information ...
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Locking down the browser to the max

What extensions and settings must be added to the browser to make it as private and secure as possible? I know that the answer to this probably changes a lot as security changes. But so far what I ...
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Tor Browser Bundle failing userAgent spoofing

Using Tor Browser Bundle, I noticed the latest versions I have (9x) did not show user agent in the general.userAgent.override entry in about:config. The browser was downloaded from the Tor Project and ...
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Adding a blacklist for known scam sites?

It seems that the issue of fake/spoofed onion sites is becoming more and more of a problem. The situation is such that on some more popular sites an incorrect keystroke may expose the user to ...
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can wifi detect you even when you arn't detected [closed]

I've read that the way wifi works is that your computer sends out requests looking for any wifi it recognizes. I use a mac spoofer but if there is a wifi in range before i have time to spoof my mac ...
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Certificate authorization spoofing

I am somewhat new to Tor and am now using it for everything. I have seen old posts recommending it not be used for online banking etc. From my experience with cryptography, this seems ludicrous ...
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What is the Tor Project's "content policy"? Where is it explained?

In ticket #3809 "Remove referer spoofing support", mikeperry wrote: Referer spoofing breaks browser navigation due to an interaction with our content policy. What is the Tor Project's "content ...
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