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Can Tor work on dial-up?

I think it is possible to connect to Tor on dial-up on Linux. Is it possible? Because I don't have access to dial-up Internet in my home, I ask this question.
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Is there a way to make Tor more performant and reliable, if necessary at the cost of sacrificing some privacy?

I have an enterprise use case, where we need to ping a lot of different onion nodes at once, as fast and as reliably as possible. I have some ideas related to forcing a specific circuit made only of ...
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Automated script for selecting fast TOR circuit?

I noticed a significant variance in bandwidth with different TOR circuits. Some are fast enough for streaming HD videos, while others take ages just loading web pages unless Javascript is deactivated. ...
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Tor client doesn't connect if relay's available bandwidth is less than x

Is there a way to config Tor client not to connect to relays which their usable bandwidth is less than 10Mbit/s ? I don't mean the relays total available bandwidth. I mean usable bandwidth by client ....
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What are key issues around publishing which websites block particular exit relays?

The answer to What common sites are known to be troublesome for Tor use? is a "community wiki [that] will list commonly used websites known to be troublesome for Tor users." I have encountered such ...
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Connection speed problem

There is an odd problem with my connection speed that i want to know what is causing that . In my country as many other countries TOR is illegal also filtered and i was connecting through bridges but ...
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Best configuration for a low latency fast hidden service?

I set up a hidden service that serves a static low sized page but still it takes at least 20 seconds to open. Also sometimes it just closes itself when i am not around and doesn't respond for hours ...
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Does my internet speed matter?

Does my internet speed matter if I use same circuit, nodes/hops? There are 3 PC's: 1st one is connected to 100Mbps internet speed 2nd 500Mbps internet speed 3rd 1Gbps internet speed In case all of ...
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