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Question about the source for Tor related software.

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What hidden services does my relay node know about?

I built tor from source and am running it as a relay (not exit node) and also as a directory server. It is my understanding that after a while I should experience V2 hidden services publishing their ...
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Can we self-host a network like tor with tor source code?

Can we use tor source code for running a network like tor ?
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OpenSSL ROP hack/backdoor(OBVIOUS)/bug

Is the ROP hack/BACKDOOR(obvious)/bug in OpenSSL -coded form OpenSSL member/programer Andy Polyakov- still a problem in Tor code?
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Pre-built circuits for a predicted port

According to the Tor documents, Tor builds 2 circuits for each predicted port. I checked the source code to find out how it can understand that it has already built one or two circuit for a predicted ...
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run collector with Eclipse IDE

please did someone know how to use eclipse to run or test Collector ,or metrics using eclipse IDE,how to run,
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Getting tor nodes list

I'm modifying tor source code for research purposes and I want to modify concept of getting tor nodes list. Now, tor client is getting tor nodes from directory servers and I want to change it. My ...
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Is this an official download mirror?

Is this an official download mirror of the Tails?
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Compiling Tor from source

So I compiled Tor from source using these instructions and everything went smoothly. However, when I look in /debian-packages/ there are three .deb files, which are: tor_0.4.1.6-1~d9.stretch+1_armhf....
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Tor downtime from multiple processes

I’ve left my Tor relay (run on an AWS EC2 instance, Xenial Xerius Ubuntu) alone for a few days, and it operated for a few days. The relay then started counting downtime, and the “last seen” timestamp ...
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